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House Leveling

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    Here at Sulphur Springs Foundation Repair Solutions, we are experienced and well equipped to ensure your property in and around Sulphur Springs, Texas is level within a low and acceptable tolerance level. We can level your house or place of business for an affordable cost, we guarantee that you will not be left disappointed by the standard of our work. You don’t need to take us at our word — check out the testimonials left for us by previous happy customers for further evidence of our house leveling capabilities.

    Why Is My House Not Level

    If your house is not level then your foundations are not doing what they were built for, this can be because of damage from moisture, poor workmanship during the construction phase, a change in the ground conditions, or just because they have deteriorated over time. As soon as you notice or have concerns that your house is not level you should call a specialist company such as ourselves to diagnose any potential problems. We offer a free inspection here at Sulphur Springs Foundation Repair Solutions so it would be better to be safe than sorry, call now on the number above to find out more about how we can help you.

    Problems That Can Arise When Your House Isn’t Level

    Many problems can arise when your house is not level, it is a strong indicator that your foundations are compromised and not fit for purpose. If left unattended to your property can become structurally unstable and in the worst-case scenario, it may need to be demolished. Failure to address these issues will result in cracks appearing on walls and the ceiling that will get larger over time, listing walls that are hazardous and structurally unstable. All these factors will harm your property value, will make it harder to sell, increase the cost of your insurance, and harm your ability to refinance should you need to. Call now to find out more about the problems that can arise when your house isn’t level.


    Underpinning is a process that we use to help rectify any leveling issues. It involves securing that house by bracing all or just one wall (depending on the scope of the job), removing the surrounding ground exposing the foundation, and reinforcing the foundation by adding more material such as steel and concrete. This extends the surface area of the foundation in both width and depth, meaning the load of the house is spread over a larger surface area. Call us on the number above to find out more about underpinning.

    Our Equipment

    Here at Sulphur Springs Foundation Repair Solutions, we only use the best materials and equipment to address any leveling and foundation problem, which is why we always achieve the best possible results, and our name is held in such high regard in the industry. We want the best for ourselves and our local community so all of our staff are highly trained and have access to everything that they may need to reach the high standards that we set for ourselves.