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Foundations are what residential and commercial properties are built upon and are key for their long-term future. Without them the property in question will not hold its value and will become structurally unstable, so call a highly regarded company such as ourselves as soon as you get a slight indication that you may have a foundation problem to help protect your real estate investment.

About Us

We are a locally owned and operated foundation repair company that has been offering our specialized expertise to our local community here in Sulphur Springs, Texas for many years now and we hope to continue to do so for many more to come. We consider ourselves experts in all things foundation-related, we have successfully repaired many foundations from slab foundations to pier and block foundations so you can trust us to do a fantastic job and adhere to all building codes. If you would like to know more about how we can help you then we encourage you to give us a call on the number above, we would be happy to tell you more.

Our Services

Here at Sulphur Springs Foundation Repair Solutions, we offer some of the best foundation repair services available in the state and even across the country. We have developed our services over the years to meet a wide range of our local communities' foundation repair needs and we believe we offer that and all for an affordable price. Whatever your foundation needs we have a service that will assist you, so call us now and let us know the condition and type of foundation that supports your home or place of business.

“Fantastic people, great value for money, and I was really happy with the results. I called them to get under my crawl space and repair my block and base foundation and haven’t had a problem since. I would be happy to recommend them to anyone in need of a reliable foundation repair service” - Billy

“I called Sulphur Springs Foundation Repair Solutions after being given their number by my dad. They came out to inspect my home for free and gave me a quote to repair my slab foundation, which was cheaper than I expected. They made the process very easy, I couldn’t be happier with the service I received.” - Tony

“Great company, nice people with great communication skills. They know everything there is to know about foundations, I’d have no problem recommending them to others.” - Sarah

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Slab Foundation Repair

Our signature 'Slab Foundation Repair’ service will rid your property of any foundation problem and will prevent more from occurring shortly, adding strength to the structural integrity of your property. We have a team of foundation repair specialist contractors ready and waiting to repair your slab foundation here in Sulphur Springs, Texas, and the surrounding area.

Pier and Beam Repair

A pier and beam foundation is another effective form of foundation that is commonly found here in Texas and nationwide. If your pier and beam foundation requires repairs then we are here to get in the crawl space and find the cause of why before repairing for an affordable cost. To find out more, then we highly recommend checking out our informative ‘Pier and Beam Repair’ service page or getting in touch with us on the number above.

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House Leveling

Leveling issues are a common side effect of foundation failure and can become a real nuisance for residential and commercial building owners, but fear not our team of experienced contractors will diagnose the problem and get your property level again for an affordable cost. If you would like to find out more, then we recommend visiting our informative ‘House Leveling’ service page or getting in touch with us on the number above.

Drainage Repair

Ineffective drainage can be a cause of foundation failure. This is because water that is usually or at least should be drained away for property has begun to build up which will then affect the ground conditions that your property is built upon and will also increase the rate at which a concrete foundation will deteriorate. Check our ‘Drainage Repair’ service page to find out more about the importance of effective drainage.

newly installed water drainage
cracks in the wall

Cracked Wall Structural Repair

Our ‘Cracked Wall Structural Repair’ service will repair any cracked and structurally compromised walls no matter the severity of the cracks our team will find an affordable solution that will meet your commercial or residential property needs. Once a crack appears it is important that you call us as soon as possible before it gets any worse so that we can diagnose why the crack or cracks have occurred. To find out more be sure to visit our ‘Cracked Wall Structural Repair’ service page.

Commercial Foundation Repair

We offer foundation repairs to the commercial sector to help local business owners ensure their premises are fit for purpose so they can operate as they wish. Our team can work around operating hours and aim to cause as little disruption to the day-to-day business as possible. If you would like to know more about how we can help your business, then be sure to visit our ‘Commercial Foundation Repair’ service page.

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Contact Us Today

If you would like to find out more about our company and any of the services that we provide, then we would be more than happy to hear from you we encourage it as we are a very open and engaging company. We can be reached by calling us on the number above, one of our helpful customer service agents will be ready and waiting to assist you with your query. Alternatively, you can contact us by leaving us a message by completing the contact form that can be found on our website, and will get a response back to you as soon as we can.